Remember 2004

written by treybean on November 11th, 2004 @ 01:24 AM

Socially, the right talks about banning all abortions, even when the mother’s life is in danger, legalizing school prayer and banning all marriages that don’t conform to the standard male-female persuasion. On nearly every issue the right seem to be on the side opposing the people. The working-class, everyday man. You, me, nearly everyone that you walk by on the streets. Even the medicare bill looks to simply be a way for the pharmaceuticals to increase profits by not allowing this large group to bargain for drug prices as a group. If legislation comes up that looks to benefit you, chances are the right is on the other side. So how do 59,459,765 people (minus members of the corporate elite, so more like 56,459,765 – top 1%) go and vote against their individual and collective good?

I think that a big reason for this masochistic behavior is that people aren’t talking or thinking about theses issues in these terms. The media definitely doesn’t help us out here either. We need to get out there and talk to these 56 million people and let them know the implications of every bill that Bush and his cronies try to pass these next four years. Lets talk about gay marriage bans in the terms that it should be discussed in. Ever heard of the 14th amendment? Equal protection? Sound familiar? Does the rage that this issue inspires not remind you of early civil rights issues? People that beleive that homosexuals should not be treated equally possess the same mentality that allowed slavery and racism to thrive in this country. We must talk about it in these terms.

Many of my friends are talking about leaving the country to far-off and more liberal places like Canada and Argentina. And I’ll admit that I too had this desire following the election. But I write this today to try and encourage anyone who might be considering this course of action (and happens to be reading it as well)—Don’t do it. We need you here. I understand that you are tired of participating in this country’s socio-economic system. I am too. But instead of fleeing for greener pastures, we need to stay here and try to change it.

I can hear all of my friends running over themselves to try and contest my point with “But look what happened”, “We did everything we could do”, “Why should I endure the ignorance of the rest of the country”. On and on they surely would go. And I understand the sentiments behind all of those statements, but I just can’t get on board.

We didn’t actually do squat to change things over the past four years. I think I attended a couple of peace rallys in the run-up to the war. That’s about it. I commiserated with my pals when Bush would do something that made us shudder. And that is pretty much where my activism stopped. If everyone were to take up arms in the same way, do you think that we would every win a battle?

No, we need to stay here and really fight this thing. The right has be growing and training its political machine for years. This isn’t something that we can combat by tossing back a few beers with like minded people, especially if those beers are in Canada. We need to fight. Take every chance you get, scratch that, make chances to converse with people about your political views. Don’t let anything slip by without talking to someone who disagrees with you about why you think the way you think. Pick a story out of the paper. Think about it. And voila—now you don’t have to spend your day trying new variations (or so you think) on idle weather chat. And at the same time you might actually be changing the course of history. Pretty nifty huh?

And for all those movers out there, that have simply had enough of the disenfranchisment of their red or blue state — move — to a swing state. Make your voice heard. And while you are there, every morning when you wake up, look yourself in the mirror and say, “Remember 2004!”

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