I'm Back

written by treybean on November 6th, 2004 @ 03:16 PM

My assessment (read process to recovery) has basically come down to this. First, shock and amazement. I was completely convinced by the time election day rolled around that Kerry was going to take this thing. He won at least 2 of the 3 debates, the incumbent had clearly made serious blunders, which the majority of the country could admit and Kerry had finally latched onto a message that looked to me to actually be taking root. And yet 51-48.

How could a president that took a federal surplus and turned it into a significant deficit be re-elected? How can a president that actually had a net loss of jobs over four years be re-elected? How can a president who led our country to war based on false intelligence, that much of the world was suspicious of even before the war, be re-elected? How could the same president who was using the political capital of being a “war-time” president turn around and cut military benefits be re-elected? How can a president get his crowning social achievement passed, the No Child Left Behind Act, and then turn around and not completely fund it be re-elected? How could a president that arrogantly removed our country from the Kyoto Treaty and the Nuclear Test ban Treaty be re-elected? How could a president who passed a Medicare Reform Bill that actually increases the cost of drugs to our aging population be re-elected? How could a president with an environmental policy that repeals legislation requiring coal plants to, when they upgrade equipment, use more environmentally friendly devices, as well as reducing limitations on mercury contamination of our public water, as well as pushing for more exploration of our public land for natural resources be re-elected president?

These were questions that were plaguing me Tuesday night and on into Wednesday. As I scoured the web looking for intelligent analysis of these questions, my despair began to turn to rage. It seemed that the issues that were highest on people’s minds who voted for Bush was “moral issues.” This in conjunction with the eleven states that voted to restrict citizens rights in the form of amendments to ban same-sex marriage, befuddled my compassion and optimism and allowed true anger to set in. I hated America. Or was it Americans that fueled my ire? I wasn’t sure. But most of the Bush people I voted for were decent people on the outside. But on some level they harbored very bigoted views. Was it ignorance? Did they not really know the facts on the above issues? Had they only voted based on religious and political ideology?

And this is pretty much where I stand today? Though my rage has subsided a bit, after some escape into pop-cultures inanities like the O.C. and after a rejuvenating screening of Harold and Maude at Brewvies, it is still there. I want above all for this country to move forward. I used to think that this country was filled with goodwill and a desire to treat each other as well as everyone else on this globe with respect and together move toward a more just and equal world. And then I look at the election results. I simply don’t understand it yet. And that saddens me.

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