Magic with Final Cut Pro HD's Garbage Matte

written by treybean on April 6th, 2005 @ 10:29 AM

With the help of Final Cut Pro HD, a garbage matte and some precise point placement, I can turn Uinta’s Cutthroat into Pabst Blue Ribbon. Or put another way, I was able to turn a lapse of continuity-awareness into a successful scene. At least from a continuity perspective. Well, not even that really, oh well.

I was able to achieve this by the following method.
  1. Duplicate the clip with the element that needs to be changed. I did this by copying and pasting onto a higher track.
  2. On the newly created clip, I applied an Effects -> Video Filters -> Matte -> Eight-Point Garbage Matte.
  3. I then zoomed in and repositioned the points just around the beer that needed its color changed. I placed the points with the ‘crosshair’ button on the filter tab in the viewer.
  4. Then I just put an Effects -> Video Filters -> Color Correction -> Color Corrector filter on the clip that has been masked and voila, different beer.

The cool thing about doing it this way is that the natural fluctuations in shadow are preserved, unlike what would happen if I just used a photoshopped overlay.

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