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written by treybean on August 21st, 2005 @ 11:06 AM

I have been excited for ROR for quite some time now, venturing into it slowly with personal projects and then backing off and resorting to php (after hitting bumps/bugs that hadn’t been ironed out and not having the time to contribute). Finally with the release of 0.13, I decided to give it another go, but this time with a professional project. I had been requesting some more development time at InfoSauce (management doesn’t suit me so well, not nearly as exciting as hitting the reload button to watch your errors dissappear) and though I couldn’t get development time in place of management, I was able to take on an outside project that I was supposed to do in the cracks between reviewing crackpot code. Me being me and management being management, this turned out being all the time outside of work.

I bought the Agile Web Development with Rails book and went to town. While the project is nearing its initial release (sometime in the next month), I have taken a serious liking to the ROR framework.

I was then informed of Typo. A blog app built on ROR. So instead of wading through all of the plugins and templating madness that is WordPress, I decided to continue to develop my understanding of Ruby and Ruby on Rails by using as many tools writtin in that framework as possible. So, here we are, on Typo. And wow, I’ve been holding this back for this whole post, but isn’t that dynamic preview of my post just to the right, showing me exactly what this is going to look like, really slick.

Hope this one lasts.


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