Date a Feminist—It’s Better

written by treybean on October 16th, 2007 @ 08:41 AM

This morning, I came across a study done by Laurie Rudman and Julie Phelan, from Rutgers University, about some of the stereotypes about feminists. Are we really a bunch of ugly, single lesbians? Shockingly, it turns out we’re not.

Well sure, but dating a feminist, you’ve got to be crazy. With all of that constant harping and biting your tongue, you’d have to be cuckoo to put yourself through that. Besides, don’t feminists think all sex is rape? That doesn’t sound fun.

Wrong again.

They found that having a feminist partner was linked to healthier heterosexual relationships for women. Men with feminist partners also reported both more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction.

It’s not really that surprising—who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship founded on equality and filled with open-communication. It’s just always nice to see things backed up with studies. Thanks Laurie and Julie.

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