Day 2 - I can't believe I'm doing this

written by treybean on March 3rd, 2007 @ 10:09 AM

This was a doozer of a day. I feel like the majority of the 21 hours I spent not napping were mostly occupied with concerted efforts to not fall asleep. But somehow, I made it. I only had one run-in with oversleeping, and it was so short it might not even qualify as oversleeping. I am now going on 50 hours since my last monophasic, full night of slumber.

What’s weird is that I actually feel more rested than I did this time yesterday. I’m not ready to go run a marathon or anything, but I feel like today won’t be a total waste like I expected it to be. I had a great period of actual productivity last night, getting a bunch of things done that I hadn’t planned on working on until next week. Both mornings, so far, Erin has woken up happy to find a clean kitchen—gotta find some way to pass all of this extra time. It’s the least I can do for all of the support she is throwing my way, from putting heating packs in a cold bed, to waking herself up in the middle of the night—no small feat on her part—just to make sure I didn’t sleep through my alarm. I really thing that without her help and confidence, I would have caved by now.

I’m feeling refreshed and excited to see how day 3 goes. Here are the notes I took throughout day 2.

nap 1 – 1pm – 1:30 – slept again. I woke up once during the sleep (barely) and noticed that slow shaking/vibration. Maybe I dreamt it. I woke up one minute and 40 seconds before any alarm went off. I wonder it that’s good or bad. Even though I woke up on my own, I was much groggier than after previous naps.

I think that as I was falling asleep, I started dreaming before I was actually sleeping. I haven’t read much about how or what lucid dreaming is, but maybe this is a start.

2:00pm – I had lunch and feel a little more awake, but the Zombie state that everyone talks about seems to be setting in. I’m awake, but my eyes are definitely heavier and I’m starting to type slower. And yes, I’m beginning to count down the hours till my next nap. I’m going to try to wrap up some work and take my mind off of sleeping.

Nap 2 – 5pm-5:30 – Oh man. I had a tough time sleeping. About 45 minutes before I was supposed to go to sleep, one of our servers went down. I was able to get it back up and running before my nap time, but I was so keyed up that I didn’t sleep. At least, I don’t think I did. I remember two times that I checked the timer to see how much time I had left. Between those times, I was in a weird dreamlike state—not really asleep, because I could hear things going on around me, and not really awake, because I was thinking of some strange stuff. It was like dreams were going on without me going to sleep. I really need to make sure I’m relaxed before my naps.

Nap 3 – 9pm-9:30pm – Again, I don’t know if I really slept. I surely didn’t drift off into the deep sleeps I had at 5am, 9am and 1pm. I naturally have a 9 o’clock high, where no matter how tired I am, I get a decent second wind around that time. The same thing happened tonight. At 8, I was seriously dragging. I was bouncing my feet on the chair just so the movement would keep me awake, but somewhere around 8:45pm, I started feeling okay again. I drifted initially into a pretty decent sleep, but woke up about 10 minutes in, coughed, and rolled-over. For the remainder of the nap, I was in that kind of here, kind of there, in/out phase of sleep. I don’t feel horrible now (9:40pm). Hopefully, it was enough to get me to my 1am nap.

Nap 4 – 1am-1:30am – Well, it’s more like 12:57am-1:40am. Oh no. Oversleeping off the port bow! Well, not much at least. I was at the end of my pre-nap relaxation period, and apparently couldn’t stave off the sleep any longer, so I went to fell asleep before starting the kitchen timer counting down from 30 minutes. Luckily, though, I’ve started setting my cell phone alarm prior to this “relax before nap” period, so it was already set for 1:30, meaning I would have only slept for a maximum 33 minutes, which I’d have a hard time calling oversleeping at all.

Cue the tired logic. I woke up at 1:15am, realized I didn’t start the timer and thought to myself, “well, I was so tired before this nap, if I don’t get a good sleep here, full of that wonderful REM sleep, it’ll just make the rest of the night that much harder.” I then, reset my phone alarm to 1:40am, thinking I shouldn’t oversleep too much—25 minutes should do the trick—and set the kitchen timer for 25 minutes. And that’s how I ended up sleeping 43 minutes.

I feel so much better than I did between 12am and 12:57am, which is to say, I’m slightly above exhausted. No, I’m pretty much still exhausted, but slightly better than before. I hope this doesn’t have any long term set backs. Must not oversleep. But before I can worry about that, I have to push through to 5am. Wow! What to do?

I wonder if I should post these as I write them, or wait until the next day, like I did yesterday?

4:08am Sometime in the past half-hour, I’ve started feeling pretty good. I’m actually getting some development done! And by “pretty good”, I mean I can actually concentrate on something other than how incredibly tired I am (concentrate is probably an overstatment).

Nap 5 5am-5:30am No oversleeping here. I went to sleep a few minutes before 5, and woke to the kitchen timer exactly 30 minutes later. It was a very deep sleep. I woke up feeling like I’d been asleep for a long time, although I’m still groggy 15 minutes later. It’ll wear off.

One thing I did differently is I read a New Yorker during the pre-nap relaxation period. I think this made it harder to inadvertently fall asleep.

Nap 6 9am-9:30 Our cat, Rosie, made sure I didn’t sleep in this morning. Unfortunately, she also made sure I didn’t get my full 30 minutes. She started licking my face about 15 minutes in. I think it was her way of paying respects to the gatekeeper of the blankets (she loves to burrow in with you when it’s cold outside). I knocked her down once, but was wakened enough to know my sleep phases were going to be screwed, so I was in and out for the remainder of my nap time. Even with the condensed nap, though, I much less like the zombie I was last night around midnight. Hopefully, today will be the beginning of the turn towards acclimation.

The Food

Breakfast – Oatmeal with flax seeds, apple juice and some chamomile tea. Multi-vitamin

Lunch – Burrito with refried beans, sauteed vegetables, and tempeh. Corn on the side. Water to drink.

Dinner – Tempeh Tamale Pie and green beans.

Other Notes

I’ve added some chamomile tea to the routine. The hot beverage helps stimulate my tired, tired self. Ooh, and chocolates.

I started to experience a stopped up nose a few times today, accompanied by a tickling in the back of my throat, that made me cough once during my 5pm and 9pm naps. I hope I don’t have to contend with sick-like symptoms as well as exhaustion.


  • Tim Connor on 03 Mar 11:08

    Why don’t you bump your nap time to 8:00 or 8:30 PM then? Instead of fighting the 9:00 high you could make use of it.

  • Trey Bean on 03 Mar 14:52

    Tim: It’s a good idea, and if I continue to have trouble, I will give it a try. I figure that right now, I’m trying to recondition my body, so I’m picking a schedule and letting forcing my body to adapt.

    My other concern would be that it would then become grueling to hold out for that 1am nap.

    I should also clarify. Normally, I refer to it as a high. Right now, in my sleep deprived world, it’s more that my mind is going pretty fast. I still feel exhausted though.

  • Tim Connor on 03 Mar 14:58

    Oh, ya, lunch. I was thinking bump the whole schedule, but I can see why you might want not to have the nap at 12:00. Of course, that could almost be beneficial for being sync it with lunch break it in during a lunch break in the “Real World.” And sliding the morning nap earlier could be more nice sync’ing depending on when Erin wakes up.

  • Trey Bean on 03 Mar 15:25

    Oh, I see. No, we chose the 1, 5, 9 schedule because it worked best with our schedules. Our normal lunch is usually around 1:30-2.

    I guess we’re just normally odd.

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