Stop Woman hatin'

written by treybean on April 30th, 2007 @ 12:01 PM

There’s a story in the washington post today about how women are much more likely to be the object of harassment online.

This shit has got to stop. What is it about someone’s sex that requires people to respond in such a hurtful way? I mean, it’s not like women are writing more incendiary posts, at least not the ones I read. And even if they did, no one ever invites the kind of responses Kathy Sierra received hell, Kathy wrote about making people happy. Her posts were smart, well-written and always left you trying to makes people’s lives better in each tiny decision you were faced with that day.

But, it’s not just Kathy Sierra. Her story brought out many other stories from other women; stories that make your stomach turn. And what did all of these women do to deserve this? Simply participated. I repeat, this shit has got to stop. Not just in the chat rooms and comment threads, but everywhere. So, next time you hear any sort of hateful speech or act, speak up, say something. It might not be something as overt as some guy hitting his girlfriend, or saying “all women should die”, but we’re all confronted with more subtle examples that help perpetuate the underlying disrespect and hatred of women. It’s easy to simply keep walking, or give a hearty chuckle at a party, or move on to another blog, but doing that, not speaking up, makes us complicit.

And me, I’m tired of contributing to this. This shit has got to stop.

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