Rubik's Cube Goes Down

written by treybean on May 1st, 2007 @ 08:25 PM

And spin

I’ve been baffled by the mysteries contained within that colorful cube for too long. This evening, I sat down with Tieg’s and refused to get up until it revealed all of its secrets. Well, I think it opened up more than it revealed, but at least I’ve learned enough to put it in its place.

Like so many, this success didn’t come without help; if you are interested in taking the first steps in becoming a rubik’s ace, check out Jasmine Lee’s awesome write-up of a beginner’s rubik’s solution. With it, you can’t go wrong—I didn’t.

And after you’ve made it through that, you can watch a video surely designed to put us beginners in our places. I still have lots of practicing to do.

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