The Standard New Year's Post

written by treybean on January 2nd, 2008 @ 04:37 PM

Reading everyone else’s new year’s posts, made me decide to join in. Aside from that perennial resolution to blog more often, I wanted to share some of my new year’s resolutions.

  1. Stay Healthy On the whole, I would consider myself a pretty healthy person. However, the last part of 2007 seemed like various illnesses were lined up outside my door. It first started with mono—talk about “shock and awe” to my immune system. With my body’s defenses leveled, sickness after sickness made its way in and set up shop. I attribute most of this to taking on too much between work and returning to school: too much stress and not enough relaxation. So, this year, I’ve committed to not taking a class every day of the week like last semester and, overall, put my health at the top of my day-to-day concerns. Salut!
  2. No More Meaningless Distractions Well, at least not as many as were filling up my days towards the end of last year. With the sicknesses mentioned above, at the end of the school/work day, Erin and I would all too often spend the evening watching episodes of King of the Hill, The Simpsons, House, The Office. Once the writer’s strike hit and everything went to re-runs, it became painfully obvious what crap we were spending our evenings watching. House? I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. So, now, in 2008, we plan to take back that time and spend time relaxing in ways that we might actually be able to remember in a week. What we’ll do is still kind of up in the air, but admitting you’ve got a problem is the first step, right?
  3. Blog More Yeah, yeah. I think it every year—and many times in between. Well, I guess we’ll see if this year will be any different. There’s lots of exciting things slotted for this year. Hopefully, with all of that time saved from the hypnotic boob tube I’ll be able to dedicate more time to thinking and writing about those thoughts. It sounds reasonable. Erin and I have decided to have a blog-off, too. Be prepared for many more posts.

There’s plenty more on the list—writing our representative once a month, reading more books (for fun), finally getting that 5-ball juggle down—but these are the big three.

What are your resolutions?

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