Veganism and Consistency

written by treybean on January 3rd, 2008 @ 10:32 AM

I’m a vegan and I’m inconsistent. There, I said it. While no one has directly confronted me on this, I know I’m open to the attack. For example, I don’t eat honey, but nearly all of my vegetables that I eat depend on captive bees. In the process of transporting these hives across country to bring me my tomatoes, up to 10% of the hives’ queens will be destroyed. Not even going into the problems of insecticides on these bees, how can I claim that “no animals were harmed in the preparation of this meal”? I can’t.

The same goes with my very grey line about liquor. Many wines and beers are filtered using isinglass, a substance made from the swimbladders of fish. While Erin and I try to always keep a good supply of vegan booze on tap at our house (vegan booze list found here), it become problematic when at other people’s houses. I want to portray veganism as a conceivable lifestyle choice for others. Refusing a glass of wine at the in-laws doesn’t seem like the best way to achieve this.

Anyway, today when I was thinking about this, I came up with this little quip: “I’d rather be inconsistent doing the right thing, than consistently do the wrong thing.” So, that’s where I’ll leave it. And whenever I dig into a delicious veggie plate, I’ll pour some liquor out to all of the fallen bees that helped bring it to me—vegan liquor, of course.

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