Weepfest? WTF? Hillary Clinton is No Bawler

written by treybean on January 8th, 2008 @ 05:31 PM

Errol Louis, for the New York Daily News, headlines his opinion article “Weepfest won’t help Hillary Clinton. For crying out loud. “Weepfest”? Watch the video.

I don’t even see tears. Do you? I see someone who, possibly for the first time in this campaign, displayed the genuine and heartfelt reasons why she’s running for president. This, along with the passionate speech defending her experience in creating change during Saturday’s debate, was also one of the first times I thought, maybe I should vote for her.

Until now, I’ve been an Obama/Edwards supporter. I like the idea and symbolism associated with Obama. It’s not just seeing the first black president, but also the idea of bringing this country together, working diligently to affect real change, participating against all odds and succeeding.

Today, though, I saw many of the same things in Clinton. It didn’t seem like some calculated move to try to pick up a few more votes. It reminds me of the first time Erin told me about how she felt about Envirocare (now Energy Solutions), our local superdump outfit. I want a president who is so passionate about the issues that they do get choked up about when talking about things happening that they see as bad.

Further, when the media, like Errol Louis, characterizes this as a weepfest, I further empathize with her and think maybe it would be a bigger deal for us to see the first woman president than seeing the first black president.

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