Weepfest? WTF? Hillary Clinton is No Bawler

written by treybean on January 8th, 2008 @ 05:31 PM

Errol Louis, for the New York Daily News, headlines his opinion article “Weepfest won’t help Hillary Clinton. For crying out loud. “Weepfest”? Watch the video.

I don’t even see tears. Do you? I see someone who, possibly for the first time in this campaign, displayed the genuine and heartfelt reasons why she’s running for president. This, along with the passionate speech defending her experience in creating change during Saturday’s debate, was also one of the first times I thought, maybe I should vote for her.

Until now, I’ve been an Obama/Edwards supporter. I like the idea and symbolism associated with Obama. It’s not just seeing the first black president, but also the idea of bringing this country together, working diligently to affect real change, participating against all odds and succeeding.

Today, though, I saw many of the same things in Clinton. It didn’t seem like some calculated move to try to pick up a few more votes. It reminds me of the first time Erin told me about how she felt about Envirocare (now Energy Solutions), our local superdump outfit. I want a president who is so passionate about the issues that they do get choked up about when talking about things happening that they see as bad.

Further, when the media, like Errol Louis, characterizes this as a weepfest, I further empathize with her and think maybe it would be a bigger deal for us to see the first woman president than seeing the first black president.

Date a Feminist—It’s Better

written by treybean on October 16th, 2007 @ 08:41 AM

This morning, I came across a study done by Laurie Rudman and Julie Phelan, from Rutgers University, about some of the stereotypes about feminists. Are we really a bunch of ugly, single lesbians? Shockingly, it turns out we’re not.

Well sure, but dating a feminist, you’ve got to be crazy. With all of that constant harping and biting your tongue, you’d have to be cuckoo to put yourself through that. Besides, don’t feminists think all sex is rape? That doesn’t sound fun.

Wrong again.

They found that having a feminist partner was linked to healthier heterosexual relationships for women. Men with feminist partners also reported both more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction.

It’s not really that surprising—who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship founded on equality and filled with open-communication. It’s just always nice to see things backed up with studies. Thanks Laurie and Julie.

Happy Independence Day—Sheesh!

written by treybean on July 4th, 2007 @ 04:19 PM

Rejoice. Rejoice. Light those fireworks. We’ve done it! We’ve managed to take back the title of the world hot dog eating contest. Woo-hoo! From CNN:

“Not since Joe Frazier defeated Muhammed Ali in the 1971 bout coined the “Fight of the Century” have two contestants battled so hard. Perhaps.”

Yes, tonight when you are staring up at the bombastic bursts of fiery display, don’t reflect on the history of this country: the struggles it has been through, and the ones it continues to go through. Don’t think of the 160,000 troops in Iraq right now, wondering what the hell they’re doing. Don’t let your mind wander to the graves of the 3,583 people whose lives were taken —no one gives their life—in the name of something we as a country still can’t pull ourselves away from NBC’s Thursday night lineup long enough to define.

I know I don’t have to worry about your mind being confronted with the 66,807 or more Iraqis whose fireworks were all too real—in fact, the last sound they heard was just one big firework. Think about that tonight each time there’s a loud “boom” ringing out overhead. Using Boston as an average, “each “boom represents more than 6 deaths.

Don’t think about the poor in our country—life is too good for you to be brought down by the suffering of others. Don’t worry about your own financial enslavement—you had to have that Prius, it’s just soo cute. Mmm, Prius, earth. Please, please don’t think about that.

Some day I hope we’ll wake up and decide it’s time for another Independence day. An Independence from a system of government that excludes people from participating by allowing only those that can raise millions of dollars to play. The rest of us are too busy trying to figure out how we’re going to pay our ever-increasing health care costs to go out and raise the $32 million Obama raised in the last 3 months.

I could go on: racism, sexism, the direction of the supreme court, political insiders getting let off the hook for lying, while another american’s plea to appeal a 15-to-life sentence was denied because it was filed three days late

No worries, though. We’ve secured true symbol of a free and independent nation—a hot dog eating title. Thanks Joe.

Happy 4th.

Frantz Fanon was a badass

written by treybean on June 14th, 2007 @ 10:59 AM

It’s been a while since I’ve posted—I’ve been slammed with all this ‘back to school’ business. To get me back in the swing of things, I thought I share a sweet little quote I came across today by Frantz Fanon. In the introduction to his first book Black Skin, White Masks, he writes:

I do not come with timeless truths.
My consciousness is not illuminated with ultimate radiances.
Nevertheless, in complete composure, I think it would be good if certain things were said.
These things I am going to say, not shout. For it is a long time since shouting has gone out of my life.
So very long….
Why write this book? No one has asked me for it.
Especially those to whom it is directed.
Well? Well, I reply quite calmly that there are too many idiots in this world. And having said it, I have the burden of proving it.

And as near as I can tell, he did just that. I plan on spending some time with him after this class wraps up. Two more weeks!

Stop Woman hatin'

written by treybean on April 30th, 2007 @ 12:01 PM

There’s a story in the washington post today about how women are much more likely to be the object of harassment online.

This shit has got to stop. What is it about someone’s sex that requires people to respond in such a hurtful way? I mean, it’s not like women are writing more incendiary posts, at least not the ones I read. And even if they did, no one ever invites the kind of responses Kathy Sierra received hell, Kathy wrote about making people happy. Her posts were smart, well-written and always left you trying to makes people’s lives better in each tiny decision you were faced with that day.

But, it’s not just Kathy Sierra. Her story brought out many other stories from other women; stories that make your stomach turn. And what did all of these women do to deserve this? Simply participated. I repeat, this shit has got to stop. Not just in the chat rooms and comment threads, but everywhere. So, next time you hear any sort of hateful speech or act, speak up, say something. It might not be something as overt as some guy hitting his girlfriend, or saying “all women should die”, but we’re all confronted with more subtle examples that help perpetuate the underlying disrespect and hatred of women. It’s easy to simply keep walking, or give a hearty chuckle at a party, or move on to another blog, but doing that, not speaking up, makes us complicit.

And me, I’m tired of contributing to this. This shit has got to stop.

Using my techie powers for good

written by treybean on April 25th, 2007 @ 11:09 AM

It sucks It’s tough to always be devoting your tech skills to the advancement of other people’s, often avaricious, interests. I spend most of my days at this keyboard building websites and applications that pave the path from customer’s wallets to my clients’ profit sheets. Decisions are always reduced to this: “does it save us money, is it going to make us money, or will it cost us money.” Money, money, money. The customers’ needs rarely receive the best attention; instead, the customer’s needs are sacrificed as much as they can be without losing the customer.

This materialistic drive has disillusioned me. After advising many friends about the importance of fulfillment—including vocational fulfillment—and after many late-night “committee” meetings with myself about my own personal satisfaction, I have decided to go back to school and pursue a master’s of English with an emphasis in gender studies.

Because this decision came about shortly after all of the application deadlines at the University of Utah, I have to take classes as a non-matriculated student for a couple of semesters. Unfortunately, one of the classes I wanted to get into, ENGL 5940 – Theories of Gender and Sexuality, was full. After spending a day constantly trying to remember to check if a seat had opened up, I realized I could use some of my tech skills to do this for me. So, I spent Sunday morning writing a little script that checks the web page showing the number of seats available. If there is a seat available, it emails me and text messages me. I then set it to run every 5 minutes, sat back and picked up my Foucault, knowing that if a seat opened up, I’d get it.

And today I’m happy to report I got a text message announcing “Seats Available”. I hopped onto the school’s registration system and scooped that spot up. Oh yeah! I haven’t spent such a valuable block of time inside a text editor as I did when I wrote that script. Hopefully, it will lead to not only a master’s degree, but a complete toppling of the systemic, patriarchal oppression that continues to surround us all. Hmm, I wonder what the script for that looks like. It might be the one I already wrote. Let’s hope.

Stupid Girls?

written by treybean on April 22nd, 2007 @ 09:54 PM

For the first time, in a very long time, I spent most of the day just surfing around the web. I cam e across so many cool and interesting things that I want to share with everyone. In times like these, I usually become so overwhelmed with what to write that I get around the problem by simply not writing—simple. Well I hope to stop that, so here is a kick-ass video I came across by p!ink. I’m not sure how I feel about the final decision to go play football, or refer blame the girls women that depict the established gender norms, rather than the system that created them, but it rocks nonetheless. Rock on!